Bellarine Community Support Register

Bellarine Community Support Register

Thursday, 8th June 2017

The concept of the Bellarine Peninsula Community Support Register Inc. (BPCSR) was born out of concern for elderly residents living on the Bellarine Peninsula.  From a Victoria Police perspective it was also an opportunity to strengthen links with the community and to support an identified local concern – the welfare of the elderly and perceptions of safety. BPCSR was officially launched in October 2006 and is now well established as a crime prevention and community care service open to all residents who live on the Bellarine Peninsula, especially those living alone and those who have a disability.

 The Register aims to:

  • enhance the feeling of security, confidence and sense of well-being,
  • minimise the concerns of family members for the welfare of their relatives,
  • minimise fear of crime,
  • create a closer relationship with the police,
  • increase awareness of personal safety and security particularly in regard to domestic abuse within the community,
  • enhance pro-active policing initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch, and
  • strengthen and encourage community networks.

 Contact and medical information is retained on a secure and confidential data base at the Bellarine Police Station and can be accessed only by authorised personnel if the registrant is involved in an emergency situation.

 A newsletter, sent to Registrants on a regular basis, contains useful information about local services and programs plus hints to enhance sense of security and confidence. Regular phone calls can be arranged to people who are feeling isolated and would benefit from social contact or to those who simply like to keep in touch.

 Many people say they are not ready for such a step but why not look at it as a type of insurance – a just-in-case step? It costs nothing except a few moments to complete an application form and it just might be what is needed in case of future emergency.

 The BPCSR office was established at the Bellarine Police Station in Ocean Grove and continues to be located there. BPCSR is overseen by the Officer in Charge, Bellarine Police Station and is managed by an elected Committee of Management. The Committee and all Volunteers are financial members of the association and are required to undergo regular police checks.

 If you have any questions or would like to talk to about the registration form please call us on (03) 5255 3968 between 9:30am and 12:00 noon, Monday to Friday



Source: Bellarine Community Support Register