Operation Back Roads

Operation Back Roads

Monday, 29th April 2019

Operation Back Roads is an ongoing operation for Bellarine Police that will focus on driver behaviour, especially on the back roads around the Bellarine – the local short cuts that might save you time, and when you might infringe on the law, like going more than a few kms over the speed limit.

There will be dedicated patrols by local police traffic cars on the back roads all across the Bellarine to ensure people are complying with speed limits and other road rules.

One road fatality is one too many, however on the Bellarine this year, already two families have been impacted by road trauma with two people losing their lives on local roads.  This operation aims to reduce road trauma and assist in creating a safer community for us all.

When driving around the Bellarine, whether on the main roads or the back roads, drive at safe and legal speeds that are appropriate for the road and traffic conditions; separate drinking from driving; stay alert; and put hand held phones away.  Together residents of the Bellarine can have an impact on keeping all roads users safe.

April 2019

Source: Victoria Police