School speed zones

School speed zones

Monday, 9th October 2017

School speed zones are reduced-speed areas that operate near schools. They’re designed to keep kids safe by lowering the speed limit at peak times when children are travelling to and from school.

What’s the speed limit?

In most cases the speed limit (during school speed zone times) is:

  • 40km/h (when the original speed limit is less than 80km/h
  • 60km/h (when the original speed limit is 80km/h or higher).

The speed limit and operating times for the zone will be clearly displayed on nearby signs

When do school speed limits apply?

This depends on the kind of zone you’re travelling in. There are several types of school speed zones, including:

  • permanent 40km/h zones 
  • time-based zones (where reduced speed limits apply between 8–9.30am and 2.30–4pm on school days)
  • variable speed limit zones (where speed limits are shown using electronic signs).

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Source: Vicroads